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A Destination

The Spot is a unique food caravan that offers classic American fast food prepared with superior ingredients and methodology. But The Spot is more than just a food caravan – it’s a destination. Whereas most food trucks’ customers are contingent on the people that happen to be in its immediate surrounding area, The Spot will cultivates an active fan base that actively tracks its location and seeks it out, wherever it may be. With an unparalleled food offering, The Spot is set to become an almost mythical dining destination frequented by Dubai’s discerning foodies and trendsetters alike.


Al Mamzar Beach

The cool ocean breeze, the golden sand. This is THE SPOT, for amazing food, refreshing drinks and satisfying combos. Come join us, enjoy the great tastes. We welcome you with a smile.

For inquiries & info, contact us: 04 5 5 4 7 4 3 2 052 3 26 41 49 Info@thespot.ae

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Great Taste

Yummy BurgerThe Spot offers a selection of universally loved dishes that are designed to appeal to the young, the old and everyone in-between. Every item on our menu is freshly prepared using only locally sourced produce and ingredients. Treat your tastebuds with a delicious chicken sandwich or a juicy burger made from 100% wagyu beef – flame grilled to succulent, smoky perfection. Then dig into a piping hot tray of crispy golden french fries and wash it all down with an icy cold beverage. Feeling adventurous? Hurry up and order The Spot’s seasonal dish before it changes to something else in three month’s time! With a top-secret special sauce and premium meat seasoning, every dish at The Spot is a unique, mouthwatering treat.



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Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 9.55.58 PMThe Spot is designed to cater to a variety of events and seamlessly blend into and enhance an array of events. With an onboard power generator and both clean and gray water tanks with a week’s supply of water, it can operate independently of surrounding infrastructure with minimal setup times.



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